VFX Revolution: Panel Discussion

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In less than 40 years, computer graphics and digital devices have transformed film experience with techniques such as digital compositing, motion control, computer-generated characters and photo-realistic images incorporated into live-action footage. Join a panel of film and visual effects experts as they discuss the new visual effects tools and techniques that have not only revolutionized the industry but have globalized the industry.

Thurs., May 17th from 5:30 – 9:00pm
Location: Bagdad Theatre

Great turnout! Had around 200 people. Was a very interesting discussion among some of the top VFX people in the industry.

Speakers included:

Jeff White, Industrial Light and Magic
Brian Van’t Hul, LAIKA studios
Ramiro Gomez, Hinge Digital
Fred Ruff, Bent Image Lab
Jim Clark, Hive-FX


Event Sponsors:

52 Ltd
Oregon Film
NW Film Center


Maxon Presents: Barton Damer!

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Maxon pulled out all the stops and flew Barton Damer to Portland to give an action packed presentation on his use of C4D for design, illustration and animation. We raffled off a full Broadcast Bundle, Red Giant bundle, and AEPDX raffled off an Adobe Creative Suite.

Thanks to all the sponsors below and to 52 Limited who provided all the food and refreshments!

Attendance was around 125.

Barton is an award winning digital artist and motion designer who creates under his brand, (ABC). His work has been on display in London at Blackall Studios and Onedotzero. In 2009, he was awarded Digital Artist of the Year by Computer Arts Magazine. For over 14 years, he has developed creative content for a variety of mediums including print, web, live productions and broadcast television. Don’t miss out on January 26th as Barton will be sharing tips and tricks about his process and his weapon of choice – Cinema 4D.

Sponsored by:
52 Limted
Maxon – Makers of Cinema 4d
Red Giant

Use the coupon code “3DPDXRULES” before Jan 30th & get 20% off Sketch To Model from


Hinge Digital: Un-hinged!

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Our December 10th event featured the team at  Hinge Digital! Michael, Roland, Alex & Ramiro gave a great talk, and turn out was great for a Saturday Afternoon. Had about 100 people.

Giveaways from Autodesk, Wacom, Digital Tutors and Zbrushworkshops were handed out!

Congrats to Jamal Qutub for winning the brush contest! Jeff Getch came in second, and Lloyd Bagtas third. Jamal and Jeff received full versions of brush 4 R2, and Lloyd received a copy of 3dcoat!

Link to Zbrush submissions.

Thanks Sponsors:
The Art Institute of Portland
52 Limted
Digital Tutors
Oregon Film


Had an AMAZING meeting on October 2nd! Brad Munkowitz presented on the 2d/3d interface and VFX work that he and his team did for Tron Legacy while working at Digital Domain. The most interesting was these amazing 3d objects and interfaces which were scripted in open GL. Other 3d apps were used as well to get the look they were after. Maya, c4d, Houdini, etc were all utilized.

Very amazing to learn of the process they went through as well as hearing the interesting stories of a few mac guys working within digital domain.

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters. Fashionbuddha organized the event, and 3DPDX/AEPDX/OMPA helped to promote and gather sponsors.

Sponsors:, Wacom, Red Giant, 52 Limited, 3DV, ASIFA, and our very own AAUGA chapter (Autodesk Animation Users Group).

This just in, Joe missed the expense deadline with Autodesk, so Sketchbook, Inc actually helped sponsor the event as well. Yeah for unofficial sponsors!

Check out Gmunk’s work here:

More photos here: Flickr


Unleash 2012: Autodesk Demo

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Had a great event May 19th. Had 190 people of about 250 RSVPs attend for this exclusive Autodesk 2012 demo. All the tops Autodesk artists were on hand. They were super pumped about the turnout and even blogged about it! Autodesk Blog

Photos below and more Here and Here

3DV – Autodesk Reseller and Gold Partner for Media and Entertainment software
Wacom – THE one and only. Thanks for the Intuos4 giveaway!
PNY – Quadro professional graphics solutions. Thanks for the Quadro FX 4000 giveaway!
3DPDX – The Portland 3D User Group
Lightbeam systems Inc. – Kick ass hardware systems for all M&E software products.
Digital Tutors – Teaching the people who make movies and games.


Welcome to Sportland

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Last night was the big Welcome to Sportland event! Potentially our largest meeting to date, although turnout quite shy of the 258 RSVPs we received on Linked In. Everyone was no doubt worried about the potential Snowstorm that was being blasted over the media. The snow never came, but unfortunately the damage was done. Shame Portland media!

Despite the lower numbers, everyone had a great time mingling for the first 45 minutes. Beer was flowing from the 2 kegs provided by Rogue, and we had some great food provided by HERENOW creative. On the big screen, a giant submission reel was playing showing the finest in  3d, Motion and interactive work from the Portland community. An amazing array of work!

Brad Clarkson from Nike provided 2 Nike ID gift certificates, and AEPDX provided a CS5 suite to raffle off at near end of the event.

Although we are not allowed to show the body of work that was presented as a giant Reel at the show, the panel discussion was filmed graciously by FashionBuddha, and this is posted below.

At the close Mayor Sam Adams talked for about 10 minutes and explained the significance of the sportswear industry to the economy and the steps his office is taking to keep the momentum going forward in Oregon.


Brad Clarkson: Senior Technology Manager and Digital Lead, Technology Initiatives Group. Nike Inc.
Justin Lewis: Co-Founder and Director of Digital at Instrument, where he provides vision, strategy, and leadership over all digital projects.
Roland Gauthier: Executive Producer/Founder Hinge Digital LLC. Hinge Digital provides superior pre-and post-production visual effects for the commercial, broadcast and interactive markets.
Russell Hirtzel: Co-Creator and 3D Director at Mode Adjust. Oversees all aspects of the production pipeline as they relate to 3D.
Shauna Stinson: Owner of Vizwerks. Specializes in retail design – bringing brands to life for consumers.
Stephen Fitzgerald: A specialist in concept development and direction in television and advertising.

Featuring work from:

Nike Brand Design Media, Mode Adjust, Clink Creative Motion, Big-Giant, Collektiv, Vizwerks, Summit Projects, Studio Cassis, Second Story Interactive, PixelPool, Nimpsy Studio, Sketchbook Inc, Deep Sky Studios, Instrument, HERENOW Creative Network, Gridplane, Decoy, Monovich, Columbia Sportswear, Atomic Sky, The Curious, ADi, Duro Compagnie, Transport, Feel Good Anyway, Ziba Design


52 Limited
Rogue Ales
HERENOW Creative
Autodesk PDX (AAUGA)
Liaison PR
Portland Modern Furniture
3DV Corp.
Atomic Sky


Maxon meeting

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Tthanks to all who made it to the Maxon meeting! We were at capacity with about 150 people. Thanks to Maxon, Red Giant software, 52 LTD and Adobe AE group for the free software, swag, and funding!


Bent Image Lab

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October 21st: Bent Image Lab. 3DPDX and the Portland Autodesk Animation User Group hosted an evening with Eric Scheur and Fred Ruff from BENT IMAGE LAB on October 21st. Was a great event!

Eric Scheur (Animator) and Fred Ruff (CG Supervisor) explained how animators and TDs work together on a day to day basis, and also explained the importance of strong Pipeline at Bent. They showed off some custom tools which were developed in-house to speed up the production process. Was amazing! We had around 100 people at the event.

Thanks to AI Portland for allowing us to use the space, Tangible Worldwide for the raffle posters, 3DCoat for the software giveaways and AutoDesk and 3DVCorp for the shirts and mugs.

And lastly thanks to Bent and Eric and Fred for the time in preparing for the meeting!

Here are a few photos. And more on FaceBook!


Upcoming meetings

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Here’s a list of upcoming meetings in planning.

1. October 21st: Bent Image Lab. Eric Scheur (Animator) and Fred Ruff  (CG Supervisor) from Bent Image Lab will discuss the production pipeline at Bent, and explain how important a pipeline is when working in a larger studio. This is an Autodesk Animation User Group sponsored meeting which will be held at the Art Institute.


2. December 7th: Maxon. Maxon is sending out a speakerp for a co-meeting with AEPDX. Will showcase the power of c4d/AE combination for motion design. Also will be featuring the new features in C4d R12, which just came out. Hoping that Nick Campbell (greyscale gorilla) will be our speaker. Full c4d Broadcast bundle (courtesy Maxon) as well as a Full CS5 suite (Courtesy Adobe) will be raffled off as well as other goodies! Location will be IDL Worldwide’s new offices in the park blocks. (Sponsors include Red Giant Software, 52 Limited, IDL Worldwide).

3. Portand 3d/Animation showcase. 3DPDX and AEPDX have gained some recognition from both the mayor or Portland as well as the Governors office of Film and Video. Both offices are interested in how both groups can work to promote the animation/motion graphics/3d industry in Portland and the state. This will be a large event which will be scheduled for early next year.

4. 3DCoat/Zbrush presentation. One of our members is a 3DCoat expert  (Javis Jones) – so we will be having a smaller meeting showcasing 3DCoat and possibly Zbrush as well. Also working to get some Wacom Cintiq’s (via our friends at Liaison PR) at this meeting for people to test out. We also now have a 3d mouse from 3dconnexion (Courtesy 3dconnexion)

5. Brad Peebler Talk. Talking with Liaison PR about setting up a meeting featuring Brad Peebler (founder of Luxology Modo). Liaison is a great local company and they focus on the 3d industry. Luxology and Wacom are both clients of theirs.

Busy Busy Busy!

Always accepting ideas for meetings/speakers and looking for sponsors and helpers! Please contact Joe Myers.


Jeremy Collins Meeting

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Here are a couple photos from the August 5th 3DPDX/AAUGA meeting featuring Disney Animator Jeremy Collins. Great talk! Great turnout. we had about 90-100 people at the event. Was completely packed. Mayor Sam Adams sent his Film & Video Liaison who shared a written statement from the Mayor.

Special thanks to Ashley at 52LTD for her help in planning, AEPDX for their support in getting started, Popart for the space, 3DV Corp for funding and giveaways, Autodesk for funding, Lloyd for his photography skills, and the Art Institute students who worked their butts off setting up and tearing down!

Was so awesome to meet so many new people!